William Wesley Films – Filmmaker, Producer, and Director of indie Movies. Film Review: “Scarecrows” MGM Movie from Youtube Video of April 25, 2014

As a new filmmaker, the first feature film William Wesley made was Scarecrows (MGM). Aka Bill Wesley, the indie movies producer and director works in Hollywood, where he produces science fiction, action, and horror films. Downloaded April 25, 2014, this Youtube video movie review of Scarecrows includes an additional review:

“A group of paramilitary thieves run off with 3,500,000 dollars, only to find themselves in a strange corn field, surrounded by scarecrows. It’s an excellent piece of 80s minimalist horror from director William Wesley. Probably the best “killer scarecrow” movie ever made; it’s highly underrated and highly recommended.”

William Wesley Filmmaking Tip: Be your own film school. Though most film schools aren’t a scam, fraud, or ripoff, why give any film school your money and time when you can learn by producing your own micro budget feature films – and then sell them for a profit!

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