William Wesley Films – Filmmaker, Director, and Producer of indie Movies. Film Review: “Scarecrows” MGM Movie from Youtube Video of April 28, 2014

The cult movie Scarecrows (MGM), by film director and producer of horror films William Wesley, is reviewed on this post from a video Youtube download of April 28, 2014 movies. Also on this post, the filmmaker, aka Bill Wesley, shares another review of Scarecrows:

“SCARECROWS is one of those films that never seemed to get much recognition when it came out, yet it is one of the best horror movies ever made!! A group of bank-robbers must land their hijacked cargo plane in a deserted cornfield out in the middle of nowhere when one member of their group (Burt) greedily parachutes out of the plane with the stolen money.”

William Wesley Filmmaking Tip: Be your own film school. Though most film schools aren’t a scam, fraud, or ripoff, why give any film school your money and time when you can learn by producing your own micro budget feature films – and then sell them for a profit!

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