William Wesley Films – Filmmaker, Director, and Producer of indie Movies. Film Review: “Scarecrows” MGM Movie from Youtube Video of April 30, 2014

Producer, director, William Wesley, aka Bill Wesley, films his movies mostly in Los Angeles. In this post, the Hollywood based filmmaker, has uploaded a Youtube video review of his first movie, Scarecrows (MGM), on April 30, 2014, plus other reviews of this film:

“SCARECROWS is one of those films (like Black Christmas) that I can’t help wondering why it never gained more popularity and acclaim. It is certainly more scary than any Halloween or Friday The 13th film and is executed extremely well.”

William Wesley Filmmaking Tip: Be your own film school. Though most film schools aren’t a scam, fraud, or ripoff, why give any film school your money and time when you can learn by producing your own micro budget feature films – and then sell them for a profit!

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