William Wesley Films – Filmmaker, Director, and Producer of indie Movies. Film Review: “Scarecrows” MGM Movie from Youtube Video of April 20, 2014

William Wesley, indie movies director and producer, works in Los Angeles, where he produces films in the science fiction, action, and horror genres.  As a new filmmaker, the first feature film Bill Wesley made was Scarecrows (MGM). This Youtube video post is a movie review, downloaded April 20, 2014, of that film, and includes an additional film review of Scarecrows:

“Scarecrows is great. The action starts immediately and doesn’t let up; the atmosphere is dark and creepy; the special effects are good. But best of all is the fact that the plot retains a sense of mystery. The only people on the farm are the bandits trying to retrieve their money. There aren’t any crotchety old crones who relate the supernatural history of the farm via soft-focus flashback, the way so many movies do. No. Instead we are given a few clues as the bandits explore the farmhouse, and that’s it. We see a photo of the farmers. We wonder where are they now; what happened to them. But that’s all. There’s too much creepiness going on to worry about the past. There’s too much creepiness going on to remain on the farm. Forget the money. And that’s part of the fun too–shouting at the TV screen, trying to convince the characters to get the hell out of there.”

William Wesley Filmmaking Tip: Be your own film school. Though most film schools aren’t a scam, fraud, or ripoff, why give any film school your money and time when you can learn by producing your own micro budget feature films – and then sell them for a profit!

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