William Wesley Films – Filmmaker, Director, and Producer of indie Movies. Film Review: “Scarecrows” MGM Movie from Youtube Video of April 10, 2014

William Wesley is a horror films and indie movies director and producer. In this post, filmmaker Bill Wesley shares film reviews of his movie, Scarecrows (MGM), from an April 10, 2014 Youtube video and from other reviewers:

“I just got the DVD of this GREAT movie. I saw Scarecrows for the first time in the very early 1990s when I rented it from my local neighborhood video store, VHS of course. I loved it right away. Although it was a direct to video release, it’s better than 99% percent of the crap they put out today in theaters.”

“There are many scarecrow movies, but not many good ones. This is an outstanding flick that stands above all other scarecrow related movies. (In fact, Scarecrows, directed by William Wesley, was the first scarecrows movie, which spawned many imitators). This is such an original movie and the fact that it is shot at night makes it that much better. There is no break. There isn’t anything that I can say negatively about this movie. It is fantastic!”

William Wesley Filmmaking Tip: Be your own film school. Though most film schools aren’t a scam, fraud, or ripoff, why give any film school your money and time when you can learn by producing your own micro budget feature films – and then sell them for a profit!

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